Do you have your own wish list? Places to visit and adventures to live, moments to enjoy, objectives to achieve… Having a wish list is a greatidea, because it helps you know what you want in your life and because it helps you to achieve it. Perhaps you may believe that writing in a notebook your dreams it’s insignificant, but trust me, it’s a big step!

First of all, you should find a good wishes book! There are many options and some of them have messages to motivate you! ?

Secondly, write your best wishes! No matter how much they are or how big they are. Just do it! Write all those experiences you want to live in your life, and you will see what funny it’s discovering your own dreams!

Third, do it! Pack your bags and prepare the next trip; call that person with whom you want to spend time; sign up for the activity you’ve always wanted to practice…

Fourth, keep safe your memories: images, comments, tickets, details… That memories will remind you how nice it was!

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