Many people love go to the beach, but lot of them hate make the backpack to go there. A puzzle very simple if you make a small list about your beach kit. In Gabol we offer you a guide based on protection, hydration and enjoyment. Take note!

Recently in Gabol we told you 10 essential for a perfect beach day. Ten basic things to fully enjoy those fantastic days. A useful guide which however needs an important addition: a small list of items that you can not miss in your backpack. In this list you can always see what do you need. The main objective is to get a kit for protection, hydration, practicality, good nutrition and enjoyment.

  • Protection: sun protection for face and body high coverage (especially in sensitive areas such as face and neck), sunglasses, hat or scarf, and a moisturizing and protective hair product (we already know that the sun and seawater may produce dehydration).
  • Hydration: Important not to forget one or more bottles of water and some fruit to have vitamins. Hydrates your skin with thermal water spray, lip balm and hand moisturizer.
  • We can't forget the practical elements such as towel, comb, handkerchiefs and a plastic bag, it can be used as trash or as the perfect place to store our newly acquired shells collection ;)
  • Eating well is essential always in a beach day. We can afford a whim but it is important to keep in mind some basic foods that provide us instant: energy like nuts, vitamins like fruits and vegetables (the carrot is ideal for sunbathing and watermelon perfect to combat dehydration), and sugar: sweet products will help you to keep your sugar levels right and to avoid brownouts.
  • And of course, anything to enjoy is welcome in your backpack: book, magazine, play, music... Because beach days are made to enjoy without cares.

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