Who hasn't ever wanted to have brunch in the garden surrounded by friends and delicious meal? This famous late breakfast has become a wonderful habit for us. So, if you are thinking about celebrating your first brunch in the garden, follow these 8 simple tips about how to prepare the ideal menu based in traditional English brunch.

Brunch is an English tradition and it has permeated our society thanks to new leisure trends. A combination of breakfast and lunch coined as a term for the first time by the British satirical magazine Punch in 1896, when British upper class families gave Sunday off to the servants and they used to prepare a buffet for their bosses. Today this custom is associated with weekend, when we wake up later and we don't know if having breakfast or lunch. So brunch is a perfect opportunity to meet with family and friends and enjoy delicious food in good company. A moment of leisure according to nowadays that many restaurants have included in their offer, and all of you can (and should) try to do at home. And now we are in the best moment of the year (summer) to organize our own brunch in the garden with a perfect menu served as a buffet. Take note! You should combine sweet and savory in different typical breakfast dishes and picnic meals.

A brunch menu in the garden should have...

  1. Fruit. Fresh fruit made like you want is essential.
  2. Eggs are a classic. In the English breakfast is tipycal prepare Benedictine eggs or Scotch eggs.
  3. Different types of bread. We can make sandwiches, toasted...
  4. Natural drinks. Prepare homemade and healthy drinks such as fruit or vegetables juices, homemade lemonade, coffee or tea.
  5. Yogurt with toppings. A creamy yogurt like the Greek recipe (especially if it is homemade) is a great choice to serve with natural toppings such as nuts, muesli, cereals, berries, tears of chocolate, etc.
  6. Sausages and cheeses. A good selection of local products like cheeses and sausages are always a good option at any brunch or picnic.
  7. A sweet touch with American and Irish pancakes or French Toast. An essential part of brunch are these English dishes, or any other sweet choice like muffins, croissants, biscuits, brioches...
  8. Canapés in mise en place. If you decide to prepare canapés on your brunch, you should have available all the ingredients separately, so each guest can make their own combination. Toast, muffins or biscuits with filling ingredients.
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