The selfie is the portrait of the XXI century. The photo everybody can make effortless, wherever you are, and sure you will share it on social networks. With friends, with your partner, in the pool or in front of the Eiffel Tower, place is important but dont' forgeit it, you are the protagonist in your selfie! So we have 5 tips to make the perfect selfie.

Kim Kardashian was one of its precursors. She is an addicted to this form of photography where you do your own portrait (she says she can make hundreds of these each day). The number is free but the technique is only one. Selfies are a social phenomenon, a new way to express in the information age where image and instantaneity are the kings in the social networks. And even it could be considered a new way to travel. Photography is part of the travel experience. A phenomenon that allows everyone to show what you want. So, the selfie must be a perfect selfie. If you praise its advantages or simply you practice it, you must know these 5 simple tips to get the perfect selfie:


1. Choose a correct and good light. Preferably outdoor places and a source of natural light to illuminate your face without burning the image.

2. Look for a natural look that highlights the best of your face.

3. Place the camera above eye level, the effect chopped is always better, and try to show your profile a little bit.

4. Practice your best gesture. The half-smiles or slightly closed eyes are a good technique.

5. Use the retouching tools you have at your fingertips. Within effects, try not to saturate the image too much, and the light help to conceal imperfections.

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