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1. Instructions for opening/closing of luggage

  • Combination Lock

    Please follow the steps below to set up your personal password:

    1. Open the padlock, the original password set by the manufacturer is 0-0-0
    2. Follow the direction of the arrow by pressing and holding the unlock button.
    3. Turn the numbering to configure your personal password.
    4. Now release the unlock button after adjusting.  Please make sure you remember your personal password.
    5. Again the steps 2 and 3 when you want to renew your personal password.



  • TSA

    The original combination is 0-0-0. To put yours, follow these instructions


    1. Move the wheels of the dial (B) to the original position 0-0-0;
    2. Press the reset button (A) down with some tool until you hear a "click";
    3. Choose your own combination by turning the wheels of the dial (B) as you want;
    4. Press the button (C) in the direction of the arrow and you will be returned to its position when you hear a click; now the combination should be adjusted.

    Remember to memorize it. Repeat these steps when you want to reset your combination.

    CAUTION: If the cylinder is open, close it by turning it with the red dot in the direction of the arrow (you can do this by using any tool that fits into the cylinder).


  • TSA

    How to configure the combination lock:


    To configure a personal combination, follow the following steps:

    1. Open the lock (the original number is 000) and find the lever at the back of the lock.
    1. Change the position of the transmission lever position (picture 1) to (picture 2)
    2. Set your secret combination by turning the dials (make sure that the new secret combination is well marked, and do not forget).
    3. Restore the lever position (picture 2) to (picture 1), now your new combination has been set. To change it back just follow the previous steps 1-2-3-4.

    CAUTION: If the cylinder of the key is in a position to open, make sure to close it by turning it in the direction of the arrow as in the picture. (Any tool can be used to rotate).;


2. Where to find Gabol products.

    1. Click here or go to the point-of-sale section (open a new window)
    2. Enter your address or zip code.
    3. Visit the nearest point of sale or call the store to ask if they have in stock the product you are looking for.
    4. If they should not have the product you are looking for, book it in store or contact us at:

3. I have forgotten the password.

If you have forgotten the combination of your lock, please contact us at


4. Rules and dimensions of hand luggage.

  • Measures accepted by different airlines for hand luggage are the following:

    Tabla de medidas

    This information may suffer variations in the dimensions and weights depending on the airlines. Gabol is not responsible for any company applying another limitation. We recommend you to confirm this information before travelling.