How many times have you dreamed someone told you, ‘pack your bags, we go travelling‘? If you’re a good dreamer and adventurer like us, you have thought this so many times! A surprise trip, an uncertain fate and almost immediately… Stop dreaming! Today you can enjoy a surprise trip just for 150 €! With Waynabox, your different travel agency.

[caption id="attachment_11711" align="alignnone" width="665"]La vida es un viaje no un destino La vida es un viaje no un destino[/caption]
Waynabox is a new way to live adventures with a fixed price: 150€. This price includes flights and two nights accommodation in a surprise destination. Don’t waste your time organizing the trip! Waynabox takes care of everything. Just select the possible cities you want to visit and 2 days before leaving, they will tell you which one you will go. It sounds good, right?
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If you want to live an authentic adventure, just prepare your suitcase with basic garments and a good coat -you can check our tips for a perfect travel look-; click in the website Waynabox; book your next surprise trip following these simple steps; and don’t miss the opportunity to live a different travel!

1. Select your available date and the airport where you will travel.

2. Select how many people you are.

3. Remove destinations you don’t want to visit.

4. Two nights included!

5. Waynabox will tell you your destiny two days before traveling!

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